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Will masks be needed after the vaccination?
Short answer to this, is a big YES!

When someone is vaccinated, the coronavirus vaccine gets injected deep into the tissue, which prompts our bodies to form antibodies, that fight the virus. These antibodies will circulate to other parts of the body to protect us against diseases. The coronavirus usually enters our bodies through our nasal cavities, and try to proliferate in other parts of our bodies, like our lungs.
Our antibodies will most likely kill the virus off, and we probably won’t develop symptoms.

However, it is unsure if there enough antibodies in the nose to prevent the virus from proliferating there, therefore vaccinated people might still be carrying enough of the virus in their nose to be able to infect others, through breathing and sneezing, even though they may not have symptoms

Which means vaccinated people will still have to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing, even though their own risk of getting the virus is much lower.

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