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Before the #pandemic there were a few different jobs that required people to wear a #facemask, when carrying out specific tasks.

Masks were used a lot by #carpenters , #construction workers, incinerator operators, sawmill operators, painters, even nail technicians. They wore masks to help protect themselves from dangerous dust particles, smoke and other aerosols, not just the coronavirus. A lot of common high-risk jobs are ones like cutting roof top tiles with a cut-off saw or dry coring. These jobs require a face mask with an APF of 20, which the #FFP3 face mask provides.

Then there’s the more obvious jobs, such as #doctors #surgeons #nurses and #dentists. In each industry there has always been some need for #PPE, and there will also be a need for PPE after the pandemic, for both protection from the virus and for specific jobs.

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